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Penelope's New Tooth

       Petey has a brand new sister. Her name is Penelope. She’s cute, but like all new babies she sure knows how to cry and how to slobber! She drools all over Petey’s toys – Yuck! But what can Petey do? Mommy always takes Penelope’s side. After all she’s only a baby! But maybe there’s a reason why she’s crying …

Find out in Penelope’s New Tooth – a story for all the big brothers and sisters out there.


Teacher, Teacher, What a Creature! is a bright and colorful children’s book filled with illustrations to help early learners use their imagination. Readers enjoy the mischief and mystery that brings to life the characters of a blind teacher and her seeing-eye dog. The story with strong rhythm and rhyme make the book ideal for parents and kids to read together. This enjoyable book is also a great way to start talking about disabilities and special needs. Introducing a blind character and turning the issue into an exciting celebration of the seeing-eye dog, it promotes positive messages of inclusion and diversity. Ideally suited for early years to children aged 8, this book can be enjoyed individually, in small groups, or even whole class. Perfect for any home or school bookshelf, it’s a great resource for supporting literacy learning at a young age.

Teacher, Teacher, (The Book Trailer)

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